environmental friendliness has not traditionally been seen by businesses as a source of competitive advantage. It has been considered a problem and more recently it has become a bandwagon.

at green3 we consider it an additional, formidable tool to do things better or cheaper, the essence of being competitive.

at green3 we consider environmental friendliness an opportunity to constantly improve business and create value in:

strengthen operations strategy by making production processes more efficient, more productive - use cheaper or less materials, find better ways to put a product together, look at new equipment and technology, improve distribution.

boost marketing strategy and strengthen a brand with new, environmentally friendlier products - lower their price, expand their use, their exposure, and their markets, make their distribution easier, improve relationships with customers.

regulatory compliance 
turn it on its head and create value and competitive advantages - gain insights and be creative as to how things can be done in different, better, cheaper ways.