green3 is the brainchild of Zino Vogiatzis, a management consultant focusing on business strategy and marketing strategy. He has excellent foundations on both sides of greening, business and environmental performance.

He holds an MBA from the U. of Cincinnati, OH, an MS in environmental engineering from Worcester Polytechnic Institute, MA and an undergraduate engineering degree. He has worked as a water pollution control engineer and has written two textbooks on the subject.

Please read his article It Can Be Easy Being Green from the Consultants Forum of the August 1996 Performance Advantage, the monthly journal of APICS (American Production & Inventory Control Society). He writes and comments frequently on business management issues.

also by Zino Vogiatzis

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"Offering Safety Incentives to Oil Companies" - comment on the ineffectiveness of carrots-and-sticks for preventing oil spills like BP's (letter to the editor)

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"Making Profits and Going Green" - comment on environmental friendliness as a source of competitive advantages for businesses (letter to the editor)

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"It's Not Easy Being…" - comment on the web marketing strategy of green product retailers (letter to the editor)

Fast Company   April 1999
"Kudos" - comment on businesses integrating technology with the environment to make green cool (letter to the editor)

New York Times  April 24, 1994
"The Environment Is Business' Business" - comment on how environmental friendliness boosts innovation and leads to improved competitiveness in business (letter to the editor)